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  1. Sixteen places - including Ibiza - will join the green list from Wednesday, but industry leaders want more.
  2. The government says the health secretary did not break rules by giving Gina Coladangelo an official job.
  3. Rescuers search for survivors with 99 unaccounted for after the collapse of the 12-storey complex.
  4. Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Friday morning.
  5. As lawyers analyse the latest developments, the singer apologises for keeping fans in the dark.
  6. Winter viruses are flourishing as more people mix, and a doctor's chief says A&Es are struggling to cope.
  7. Fraudsters copy adverts from legitimate websites before taking deposits and fees from their victims.
  8. Opposition journalist Roman Protasevich was seized from a Ryanair plane with his girlfriend.
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