the global media and utilities conglomerate

From generating electricity for the UK mass market, to publishing the very latest in etymological research, ThorneCorp is at the bleeding edge of industry.

What We Do

Our people work tirelessly to holisticly synergize enterprise-wide quality vectors and enthusiastically plagiarize tactical "outside the box" thinking to assertively provide access to multimedia based platforms.

Our family of businesses compellingly supply proactive meta-services and uniquely orchestrate one-to-one methods of empowerment in order to dramatically visualize wireless human capital.

Our global vertically integrated organisation integrates itself in to the mesh of online and offline communities to enable peer-to-peer integration and globally e-enable holistic clouds.

A video camera on grass


Rolling, hard-hitting journalism

A colourful envelope

Thorne Cards

Greetings cards printers and distributors

Electricity pylons and wires


Our energy umbrella comprising ThorneGas and Thornetricity

A close-up of a typewriter

Thorne Publishing

World-leading etymological publishers

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