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As Cancer Research UK (CRUK)'s shops start to reopen (365 of them yesterday alone!), it's brilliant seeing our staff, volunteers and communities coming back together. Being the one behind CRUK's Trading social media channels, I'm in a privileged position where I get to see what's going on in our shops across the country.

Something weird has happened to my Twitter account.

Last night, out of the blue, the Twitter app just kicked me out saying my account had violated rules around automated behaviour and that I needed to verify my phone number again.

That's ok, I've done that before - albeit not under these circumstances - but this time it wouldn't be so easy.

The Mystery Photo AlbumI've been given an old family photo album. It came from my great uncle and it's one of those really frustrating albums where none of the photos have names associated with them.

The spine of the poorly-looking album has torn in half, and a music box that was encased in the back is well beyond playing its creepy, tinkling tune, rattling about in the void.

The mysterious "Mr White"

One of the most interesting photos in my Mystery Photo Album is of this gentleman, mainly because he's very obviously in two of the photographs.

The helping hand with many of the photos in the album is that they are studio portraits, so most of them have the name of the photographer printed on them. Through trade directories you could, with a bit of work, narrow down the time frame in which the photo was taken.

In this case, that time frame can be narrowed down quite well.

I mesh online and offline communities to enable peer-to-peer integration and globally e-enable holistic clouds.

That's my Twitter bio and, with a little thought, it kinda sums up what I do for a living. Here's how:

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