As I said earlier, today was going to be a relaxing day and, with the exception of venturing out to Callington to pick up more supplies from Tesco, we've had a lazy day in the house with a late breakfast, a fight with the logburner (which Rhys did eventually win), a great rugby match on telly and then rounded off with a fantastic meal down at The Manor in the village.

Live from (near) Liskeard, here's the first of this week's blog posts as we take our first holiday for a couple of years with a week in Cornwall.

Becky, Rhys, Lee and myself are spending a week in a gorgeous bungalow on a dairy farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Although rural Pembrokeshire and rural Cornwall share a lot in common, for us it's more about getting away from home for a bit with a change of scene and a chance to explore somewhere new.

I've already posted a few blog posts about my old secondary school, Ryeish Green School in Reading, which closed last year.

The victim of political bitchfighting in the local council created a storm of anxiety over the school's future, causing parents to send prospective students elsewhere. The Conservative-led council then used this point to successfully close the school. That was the official reason given anyway, but it's pretty well known that Wokingham Borough Council didn't like the school having a catchment area that included parts of neighbouring Reading Borough Council's less-affluent residents.

Since my last post about the school, almost a year ago, there have been some interesting developments, namely "free schools" - a piece of Conservative "Big Society" policy that allows groups to open their own school, with full state funding but without the need for the local education authority.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure(?) of popping in to Tenby's Famous £1 £1.20 60p Shop* in Tudor Square. I'd been in there a couple of times before - it's a little cramped but the walls and shelves are brimming with some really useful things from DIY hardware to stationery.

* The price went up in January due to the VAT increase (although if that was really the case it'd be the £1.03 shop) and now they're closing down one of the two shops in Tenby so everything's half price.

Today is my last day in Aberystwyth. After just over 5½ years working for Aberystwyth University Guild of Students, I'm relocating to Pembrokeshire where I've just bought a house with my partner.

It's definitely been a period of mixed emotions for me recently. Due to my partner's job I always knew it would have to be me to make the move in our relationship that, until now, had 70 miles between us. Now the time has come I'm excited about the future, sad to leave the great people at AberGuild yet also a little uneasy being as I'm yet to find a new job!

I've had my ups and downs whilst in Aber, but on the whole this town has given me some of the best experiences of my life. If anyone's reading this and thinking about coming to Aberystwyth University, I say do it! It's a brilliant place with brilliant people and Aber will always be in my heart.